Annette De Burgh (Anne) was born in Liverpool, moved to Scotland and now lives in Warwickshire.

A change of publisher in 2013 has seen all books repackaged and released exclusively on Amazon Kindle & Paperback before becoming available on many other e-book platforms.

In the late summer of 2016, Anne suffered a stroke - but this has not stopped her producing books!



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on Amazon Kindle

At 21, Jordache Alexander meets Mell Quinn. Now at 29, Jordache is beautiful and successful but bitter and mourning the death of her lover Mell. She agrees to go to Devon for a poetry and painting course.

On the course is Frances Ledger, 47, a talented artist and devout Roman Catholic who has had her dreams shattered. From an abrasive first meeting a tentative friendship develops between the two women, but Frances has problems she cannot share.


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Set in the hostile climate of 1960s Britain, English teacher Diana Benton starts her new job at an exclusive Scottish school. It is here she is confronted with the rebellious American pupil, Samantha Stevenson. A war of words soon spirals into a forbidden and passionate love.

Footsteps from THE DRUM

(Spring 2017)

After the Second World War, three men return to Liverpool and pick up the pieces of their previous life. Their ambitions, failures and greed all become entwined.

In the late 1970s, from a housing scheme in Glasgow, Gillon Hardy embarks on a search for the meaning of his existence and to find his own identity. This journey is interrupted by a chance meeting with a woman while visiting Rome.

Both the three men and Gillon become interweaved in a saga of family rivalries, sexual identity and dreams that ultimately disappoint.


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Amazon Kindle (UK)

A story to make you think  of life, love and hate in times that, to some degree, still exist today.

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'Less Happier Lands' & 'Through My Eyes'

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No:1 seller

on Amazon Kindle

Professor Fiona Reid, known as Fay, returns to Scotland for a family Christmas. She accepts she is dissatisfied with herself and her life but does not have the courage to change.

However change comes when Fay accepted the challenge to take a coach party to Italy and meets a passenger called Kale McBride


The sequel to SEIZE THE DAY continues with the family Christmas gathering in Scotland.

Inhibitions, prejudice and intolerance quickly surface.Back in England, Kale and Fiona spend New Year with Sam and Diana and meet Jordache and Frances. Fiona returns to her life as an academic and Kale to finish writing her novel, but underlying problems soon put a strain on their relationship.

Then a decision by Kale changes all their lives.


Baby Ben is a Border Collie pup who knows only darkness and hunger, having lived all of his short life locked away in a gloomy, dirty shed.

Then comes daylight, the joy of birdsong and the sweet smell of grass as he is set ‘free’.

Through my Eyes brings to the forefront the sadness and injustice of animal cruelty. However, it is also a story of hope, trust, love and peace – told (with hand drawn sketches) through the eyes of Seth as he takes his journey through the seasons of his life.


Five short stories by

Annette De Burgh.



(Autumn 2017)

An early work written in the 1980s under the pseudonym of A. De. B. Ledger.

Just Cat

(Autumn 2017)

“I am not your friend and I am not your enemy.”